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Contributing to Alloverse

Development environment

Alloplace server

This is an Elixir process that acts very similarly to a dedicated game server. You run it, and it acts as a container/world simulator for all users and apps that connect to it.

There is an always-on development server at alloplace:// You can use it to try out your code so you don’t have to run a server locally if all you’re interested in is client development.

If you DO want to do server development, see the setup instructions in alloplace’s README for setup and run instructions.

Once it’s running, you have a server on alloplace://localhost!

Allovisor client

This is the “game client” that connects to the alloplace server.

See its build instructions in its README

It uses CI integration to get the latest version of “allonet”, the network library used to talk to the Alloverse. It’s all in the README how you set that up.


See the appliance dev guide.


Allonet is the network layer. Unless you’re doing deep protocol hacking, you shouldn’t need to mess with it. It’s built into allovisor and alloplace, and should work as-is.

If you want to hack on it…

Allonet is written in C and CMake. I recommend using Visual Studio Code, and installing the “CMake-Tools” package to build and run from the GUI.

You can then either run ./build/allodummyclient to try things out. If you want to try it in the real Allovisor, copy liballonet.dylib into the Unity project’s assets, something like this:

cp build/liballonet.dylib ../allovisor/Assets/liballonet.bundle